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Deep Tissue or Sports Massage 

A combination of effleurage, petrissage and deep friction.

Deep tissue massage is effective on everyone (almost - not recommended under certain health circumstances).

It helps to reduce muscle tension, relieve stress, helps the causes of common health problems seen by the GP such as migraines and lower back pain, improve blood flow, speed up recovery, reduce acute and chronic pain, improve performance, increase happiness and has many more benefits...

Hot (and Cold) Stone Massage

Hot (and Cold) Stone Massage has become popular over the last ten years yet it uses massage techniques that go back many thousands of years.

This treatment uses deep tissue techniques to cover the full body and the face. By careful placement of the hot and cold stones and by using them to massage, this treatment can help to address pretty well all health and well being problems as listed in other treatment descriptions.

Hot and Cold Stone massage is particularly good to give as a gift to a loved one as it is innovative, relaxing and a very pleasurable experience. 

OnSite Chair Massage 

This treatment uses a slightly different approach to Sports Massage but it produces similar health and wellbeing benefits.

Seated on a chair rather than lying on a bed, it is not necessary for you to remove any clothing in this treatment.

The treatment takes only 15-30 minutes  so it is perfect for you if you are at work in your busy office wanting to relieve some tension in your back, shoulders, neck and head, if you are a parent with a hectic lifestyle wanting to have a precious 30 minutes away from juggling your responsibilities,  or if you simply want to try it as an alternative to the more traditional treatments you have experienced.