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Breathing Underwater 

January, 2018

Where can I flee from your presence? Lying still, not moving an inch, noises like a crashing drum, a banging cymbal, an explosion. A flash like lightening. A scream. “I KILLED SIRIUS BLACK I KILLED SIRIUS BLACK”. Ouch that hurts. Pain Pain Pain. No stop. Click here to read more...

CWB Kenya 2016 – Jambo Mamarula!

October, 2016

“Jambo!” exclaimed Jon as he wheeled his trolly into Heathrow Terminal 3. Although his suitcase choice would probably be more commonly seen on a girls holiday to Tenerife (a bright pink flowery number that he now sheepishly tells everyone belongs to Khush), his greeting certainly got us in the mood for sunny Kenya. Click here to read more...

Get to the point, Jeremy Hunt

Jan 8, 2018

I’d like to write a polite letter to explain a few things to you.

I do not like interruptions so I wanted to write so that you do not interrupt me like you do in the Houses of Commons etc all the time. Click here to read more...